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WWMP101 Wayfair Liquidation Mattress Pallet - RRP £1437.95

WWMP101 Wayfair Liquidation Mattress Pallet - RRP £1437.95

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Toffa Wholesale is proud to offer Wayfair Clearance Pallets.



Wayfair Mattress pallets are super popular, usually sell before we get chance to list them on here. hey are all new/unused mattresses but may have the odd warehouse storage mark, so wayfair are unable to sell them. So we offer them at a hugely reduced price.

These are our best bulk seller by far and are extremely good value for money. Wayfair is famous for supplying quality homeware products globally and we are proud to be working with them to sell their customer returns and liquidation items.

Each pallet will contain a fair mix of liquidation and customer returns giving you the chance to purchase quality home items for fraction of the retail price. These pallets usually contain a handful of high rrp products, so no need to sell 100s of items to get your money back, usually 1 or 2 items will cover the price of the pallet then the rest is profit. These are also great if you are looking to upgrade your own furniture in your own home, will save you a fortune.


Polite notice:

  • We feel that these Wayfair pallets give you the best opportunity to turn a profit but selling is a skill and sometimes requires expertise and out the box thinking to achieve a profit. Many of the items in Wayfair pallets will be perfect and usable out the box, but others may require attention. 
  • We do not accept returns on liquidation and customer returned loads
  • The photos may not be 100% accurate
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